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Doggie Daycare

Your four-legged family member needs friends just like you do. For that reason, Doggie daycare is an excellent opportunity for your dog to hang out with other dogs while you are busy at work or play. It alleviates boredom and loneliness that may lead to destructive behavior. It is also the BEST way to help with separation anxiety in your pet by providing exercise and socialization while you are gone. We offer safe and interactive fun to all breeds in 1 of our 4 indoor playpens and 2 guided walks in the South Market District with one of our team members.


    - Drop-in Full-day Daycare:         $28/day

    - Drop-in Half-day Daycare:*          $18/day

Daycare Packages:**

    Unlimited Packages  

    - Unlimited Full-day Daycare:     $400/month

    - Unlimited Half-day Daycare:*  $275/month

    Full-day Packages

    - 12 Full-day Daycare:                 $300/month

    - 8 Full-day Daycare:                  $200/month

    - 6 Full-day Daycare:                  $150/month

    - 4 Full-day Daycare:                  $100/month

    Half-day Packages (5 hour max)

    - 12 Half-day Daycare:                $180/month

    - 8 Half-day Daycare:                 $130/month   

    - 6 Half-day Daycare:                 $100/month

    - 4 Half-day Daycare:                 $70/month

  *Half day of daycare is a maximum of 5 hours.

**Daycare Packages are valid for 30 days from the purchase date.

Please call (504) 324-3335 to make a reservation.

Dogs at daycare
dogs playing at daycare


Are you going out of town and can’t bring your pup with you? We’d love to help you with that by taking care of them for you! We have suites and kennels that provide a safe and clean environment for all your boarding needs. The dogs in our care get play time (alone or with a group based on their individual needs) in our indoor playpens as part of your boarding experience! For their outside time, they get 3 individual walks a day around the South Market district with one of our team members. 


    - Boarding Kennel:                     $50/night  

    - Additional Family Dog*:           $35/night       

    - Private Suite Boarding:            $65/night  (camera access 24/7)

    - Additional Family Dog*:            $50/night

*Additional Family Dog pricing based on dogs sharing same kennel or suite. 

Please call (504) 324-3335 to make a reservation.



Bathing, grooming, nail trimming and more! We make your best friend look, feel and smell better. Grooming is available Monday-Saturday by appointment only. Call (504) 324-3335 to make an appointment. 


Includes a bath, full body haircut, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Grooms start at 

    - Small (up to 20lbs):       $60

    - Medium (20-40lb):         $70

    - Large (40-60lbs):           $80

    - X-Large (60lbs+):           $90 


Includes nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Baths start at: 

    - Small (up to 20lbs):         $40

    - Medium (20-40lb):          $50

    - Large (40-60lbs):            $60

    - X-Large (60lbs+):            $70 

    - Sanitary Cut**                     $10 - $15 extra

Additional grooming services: 

    - Dematting:                       $5 - $20 extra

    - Deshedding:                    $5 - $15 extra

    - Flea Dip:                           $10 extra

    - Teeth Brushing:               $10 extra

    - Anal Gland Expression:   $15 

Walk-in Services:

Available Monday-Saturday before 1pm. 

    - Nails (Walk-in):                 $15

    - Hairbrushing (Walk-in):    $5

    - Ear Cleaning (Walk-in):    $10

    - Anal Gland Expression:   $15

  *Prices vary on hair length and weight. Breed specific haircuts may be extra.

**(Trimming of face, feet, sanitary area, feathers. Price is added to bath)

Please call (504) 324-3335 to make an appointment. 

Dog boutique


Come take a look at our selection of leashes, harnesses, costumes, bowls, toys, beds, food and treats.


We have a rotating selection, so there's always something new to check out!

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